Keep it simple



· Collecting

We collect consumer, industrial and automotive batteries on a daily basis throughout the Netherlands. We can advise and deliver the right packaging for your batteries. We can also collect your batteries.

We have the best solution for every type of battery. From alkaline- to thionyl chloride- and from led to lithium-ion batteries.

· Sorting

In Lelystad, consumer- and E-Bike batteries are sorted. A large number of these are Dutch batteries, from “Stichting Batterijen”, which have been collected in the Netherlands. In addition, batteries from other countries are taking in and sorted on their chemical composition.

The sorting of batteries allows optimal recycling, due to which as few raw materials as possible are lost.

· Recycling

In the Netherlands, there currently are no companies which regain the raw materials from batteries. The batteries we collect and sort are being recycled by companies which are specialized in regaining raw materials.