Keep it simple

Non hazardous


● Storage

For the storage of your waste, we offer location bound solutions from 0,1 m3 to 80m3 and from simple open containers to containers which are protected by extinguish- and alarm installations. In order to provide this, we have a cooperation with our partner Domat Materieel en afvalverwerking Technologie B.V. This cooperation allows us to easily find a solution matching your requirements.

● Logistics

For the transportation of waste, we cooperate with renowned companies in the environmental business. Apart from logistics, they are able to collect and provide storage as well.

● Processing

Our added value is mainly in providing the best solution for your waste. Something that is waste to you, can be a fine raw material for someone else. Because of our many years of experience and extremely extensive database, we are able to provide the best solution for almost every type of waste.